Encrypter Wristband


The Encrypter in wristband form. Styled in eggshell black and made from hypoallergenic silicon. One size fits all.


Comes with: Encrypter Wristband, Scanner
Compatibility: iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows

• Encrypter (FIDO2)
• Business Card
• Tesla Keycard
• Advanced (see below)

Technical Specifications
• Hypoallergenic silicon.
• No charging required (ever).
• Chip: Vivokey Apex.
• FIDO2 with U2F fallback.
• 2FA TOTP authenticator code generator.
• OpenPGP card 3.4 implementation supporting RSA up to 4096bit keys and ECC cryptography.
• NFC Sharing customizable.

Comes with 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.