Instruction Manual

Here are the links to the guides to setup your Z-1 Encrypter:

1. Setup to encrypt your accounts, social media, email, and other services and devices: Encryption (click link)

2. Setup with your vehicle (Tesla only supported as of 2023): Tesla (click link)

3. Setup your business card: directions are in the Cybernetic App available on the Apple and Android App Stores.

Contact Us for Any Issues or Questions With Your Device

We have a support team live to help you by email or phone with any issues that you have with your device.

To start a support ticket, please reply to the email that you received confirming your order. That ensures that we get all of the information tied to your purchase.

We will get back to you within 48 hours of your email. We do not work on weekends or national holidays.

Some points to keep in mind:

– Check our FAQ below first, it might help you with your problem;

– Also, the Instruction Manual and links above on this page may help you;

– If you want help with your implant installation, please read the Installation Manual that came with your device first;

– We are setting up a network of installation experts who can help you with your installation – stay tuned;

– Please be as clear as possible with describing your issue or question in your ticket; and

– Please do not submit multiple tickets.


We ship it right after you order.

It begins shipping in June 2024.

It begins shipping in March 2024.

We’ve already finalized production planning and will begin shipping in end-2024 and beginning-2025. We will have a clearer date updated by the first quarter of 2024.

Do not do this by yourself, unless you already know your size for sure. We help you with it. After you buy a ring from us, the first thing we do is send you a custom-made ring sizer that we produce. It will arrive in your mail within 3-5 days. Then, use it to size a finger of your choice. We offer most of the standard ring sizes. If your choice finger does not fit in any of the sizes, such as if your hands are too small, then try to pick one of your bigger fingers (e.g. middle finger).


Right when you buy a ring, we also send you an email. In that email, there is a link for you to input your ring size. Therefore, after you determine your ring size, go to that email and input your ring size.


Then, we will immediately ship a ring to you with the correct size.

Please follow the Instruction Manual that came with your device. It describes how to use each of its features. If you have any specific questions about it, then please email our support team.

As we mention in the instruction manual, it’s important that you safeguard your device as you would safeguard your wallet. Therefore, you should prevent losing it where possible.


However, if you do lose it, then you can order a replacement and reactivate it. We are not offering discounts at this time for loss replacements, though we may in the future. We want to make it as easy as possible for users to use our product without worries.


If you are particularly concerned about losing your device, such as if you live a very active lifestyle, then we recommend that you be pre-emptive and get the implant. The implant is virtually impossible to lose.


In the future, we will also be offering backup devices with each ring purchase, so that if you lose your ring, then you will still have a backup device at home kept safe.


For the time being, if you are securing highly valuable assets with your ring, then we recommend that you buy more than one device so that you always have a backup at home. For some assets, like certain accounts, recovering access to them after losing your key is not possible.


We are sorry to hear that you lost your ring. In the future with your next ring, we want to stress that you keep it as safe as your wallet so as to prevent this from happening again.


The first step for you is to order a replacement ring, and reactivate it. We are not offering discounts at this time for loss replacements, though we may in the future. We want to make it as easy as possible for users to use our product without worries.


Your ring is setup with different accounts, like your bank account, Facebook, and Gmail. Each different account that you setup your ring with has a different process for recovering access. It’s similar to losing your password. Navigate to each service that you setup the ring on, and follow their process to recover your account and connect the new ring. Some services will allow you to recover quickly, some will require you to contact customer service. If you did not follow the instructions in the Instruction Manual to setup a backup recovery method, then some limited highly secure services will not allow you to recover your account.