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Protect Your Business.

From phishing, ransomeware, sensitive data theft, and espionage with military-grade encryption.

Trusted by 600,000+ customers (same or similar products).

Setup an Encrypter For Each Employee.

It encrypts your cash operating accounts, email accounts, sensitive files, social media, & more.

What Is An Encrypter?

It’s a device that acts as an extremely powerful lock and key. It contains advanced electronics that lock-down things like your email account. It satisfies the definition of “MFA”, “2FA”, “FIDO2”, “U2F”, and “security key”, but has more advanced features. Check it out in our Shop.

Protect Your Business From Unauthorized Access.

Top security experts agree that encryption is the most-recommended way to stop unauthorized access in its tracks.1

1┬áSee U.S. White House Executive Order 14028 ┬ž3(d) mandating encryption for federal agencies (link).

Secure Your Sensitive Data From Theft and Espionage.

Business plans, financial data, engineering and design documents, intellectual property, and other sensitive files are frequent targets of attacks and spying. We recommend you use AWS, Microsoft Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or your own proprietary systems with the Encrypter.

Prevent Critical Operational Failure.

Data deletion, cyberlocks, and ransomeware attacks cost businesses millions and months of down-time. Encryption is industry best practice to defend against severe and critical operational failure.

What Does an Encrypter Protect?

Email Accounts (Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Proton Mail, etc.)

Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok)

Bank Accounts (Bank of America)*

File Storage Accounts (Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud)

Photo Storage Accounts (iCloud Photos, Google Drive)

E-Signature Services (Docusign, Dropbox Sign)

Service Accounts (AWS, Salesforce, Github, Duo, etc.)

Password Managers (1Password, LastPass, Bitwarden, Password Safe)

Crypto Accounts (Coinbase, Gemini, Blockchain.com, Bitbay, Cointree, )

Home & Garage Door Locks (Encrypter Barricade Lock)

Tesla (All Models)

See the Full List of 1000+ Here

*In response to the global cyberwar companies worldwide are actively rolling-out encryption support today. Thousands more services will be added to this list in 2024 and after.

Stop 100% of 'Phishing' Attacks In Their Tracks.

Phishing is the source of the majority of hacks, breaches, ransomeware attacks, and data thefts in the world. The Encrypter was specially designed to protect your business from 100% of all phishing attacks.

Prevent 98% Of Ransomeware Attacks.

A single ransomeware attack can destroy your business, or cost you millions. The Encrypter was built to protect your business from over 98% of all ransomeware attacks.

Read the Report Here (link)

Protect From 98% of Spyware Assaults.

Most spyware assaults go undetected, and result in the exfiltration of your business’s critical data. Especially deep insights that you never want the adversary to discover. The Encrypter was built to protect your business from 98% of all spyware assaults.

Business Cyberattacks Are Rising Drastically. Are You Next?

Source: “Estimated Cost of Cybercrime Worldwide”, Statista Market Insights, September 2023.

Protect Your Employees From Scammers and Phishers.

Phishers and scammers don’t target your smartest and most secure employee – they target anyone who fails best security practices. The Encrypter makes it impossible for phishers and scammers to target your employees’ critical operational accounts, file storage, email, and sensitive data sites.

Keep Your Executives' Signatures Out of Your Adversary's Hands.

Hackers are increasingly accessing Docusign accounts to forge documents. You can prevent this type of fraud  by using the Encrypter with your Docusign account.

Migrate Your Passwords to Encrypter.

Websites globally are replacing passwords for something new called ‘passkeys’.* Passkeys are much more secure. The Encrypter is the safest place to store your passkeys, otherwise they can be stolen like passwords.

*Not all websites have yet replaced passwords with passkeys. For a growing list, go here (link).

As Seen In the News

*Inclusive of news articles covering the same or similar products that our team has released.

Share Your Business Card.

Tap someone else’s phone with your Encrypter, and automatically share your business card with them.

Unlock and Start Your Tesla.

You can use the Encrypter to unlock and start your Tesla (if you have one). We’re actively working to add other car makes and models.

Protect Your Office From Burglary and Intrusion.

Coming Soon

With the spread of bump-keys, lock drills, and MITM attacks, traditional office locks are no longer secure. To confront this problem, we built the most secure door lock in the world: the Encrypter Barricade Lock. It works alongside and with the Encrypter.

How Do I Use an Encrypter?

Step 1

Install our smartphone  app from the app store.

Step 2

Follow the user manual to setup your Encrypter.

Step 3

When you want to use it, simply tap your device.

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